Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dear TV Gods...


Though this site is extremely young, change is always bound to happen- sometimes in ways we don't expect. For me, this change came in the form of starting college in Boston, where I will be majoring in Visual and Media Arts Production at Emerson College. I'm so excited to be attending this incredible institution to study my passions, but sadly, with this, comes a lack of time and energy to devote to my other passion: TV. 

While I don't have ample free time to watch, analyze, and review TV shows anymore, Emerson College still has incredible opportunities for aspiring writers like me. In particular, their online publication, Emertainment Monthly! Here, myself and other great student writers are able to publish their writings on TV, film, video games, literature, and so much more. It's truly a great publication- one I suggest you bookmark! 

For my fellow TV believers, I will now be publishing articles addressed to the TV Gods there for the foreseeable future, so please head over to that website to continue viewing my prayers to the Gods. Furthermore- Dear TV Gods is going LIVE! Through Emertainment Monthly, I will be writing and hosting a new web show where my loathsome curses or joyous prayers can be displayed for your viewing pleasures! That's right: Dear TV Gods will now be written and filmed! 

This is all certainly something to thank the TV Gods for... What are you waiting for? Go check out now!