Friday, June 24, 2016


I suppose there's no way to do this without sounding cheesy, so I'm going to do my best to be quick, authentic, and sincere. I'm Spencer, a college student who spends way too much time thinking about television. I'm currently working on getting a degree to write and create TV shows, but for now, I'm going to continue to spiral into my pit of anti-social laze and start a blog discussing, analyzing, and critiquing some of my favorite shows. Yep, I'm just another young white man who thinks my ramblings are important enough to post them on the Internet for all to see- but at least I own up to it, right?

I can't really say what my favorite shows are- there's just too many to list- but I primarily look for shows that involve character development and insightful, clever looks at humanity. For a while, that meant only watching dramatic shows, but I've since been finding a good deal of comedies that are equally as rich in characters. I like to think of a good TV show like this: the characters on any given show should be written in a way that you could pluck them out of their world and place them in another and the audience would still know exactly how they would behave. I'm not sure why those are the shows I gravitate towards, but maybe you can notice a psychological pattern in my posts and let me know what my deep, invisible connection is to this quality of writing.

I think that's enough of an "About Me" for now, (my Tinder profile actually has more information into who I am than this, but whatever, we're here to talk TV). I'll conclude by saying a brief prayer to the Gods I most often find myself praying to... Dear TV Gods, please allow this blog to be a fun place to spend unhealthy amounts of time and energy discussing fictional productions. Please divert trolls and spam commenters, and only allow civil discussions in the comment sections. But most importantly, please continue to produce great television for people like myself to obsess over. AMEN.

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