Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear TV Gods...

All the prayers in the world couldn't thank you enough for the outstanding recognition of this year's Emmy nominees!

Every year, all the happy people of the world join together to sing songs of joy, eat delicious treats, feel the warmth of a united community, and sometimes, lament frustration. No, this isn't Christmas or New Year's I'm talking about, I'm talking about the EMMY'S! TV's biggest night of the year is celebrated (or sometimes boycotted) by rabid fans like yours truly, and this year is certainly a celebration. To make things simpler, this review of the nominations will only be in the Blessings/Afflictions format- and surprisingly, it's mostly blessings!

(Here's a list of the nominees in case you haven't perused it yet, courtesy of my favorite news site, TVLineEmmy Nominations 2016)

Blessings and Afflictions

  • Blessing: All the love for The Americans. Best Drama, Best Actor for Matthew Rhys, and Best Actress for Keri Russell?? Somebody pinch me, I surely must be dreaming! The Americans is one of the few TV shows I've watched that not only remains stunning, but consistently improves, every season that it's on- and that's surely worthy of Emmy noms. 
  • Blessing/Affliction: This is 100% a blessing... but slightly an affliction only because now I have no idea who to root for on awards night! Tatiana Maslany has been mesmerizing myself and others viewers in Orphan Black's cult following for years and seeing her be rightfully nominated for the second year is just as joyous as when Helena returned to save Sarah in season 2. Sadly, she competes against Keri Russell for The Americans- a show and actress that has been woefully ignored for three years. As much as I love Keri and her breathtaking performance, Tatiana portrays at least five different characters in any given episode, making me lean slightly toward Maslany for the win.
  • Blessing: A dark, twisty, and genuine family drama starring a powerhouse cast? Count me in. While Bloodline may not have mass appeal for its slow-burn drama, it has a passionate fan base who are overjoyed to see Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn nominated once again for the dark-horse thriller.
  • Blessing: The entire Best Actress in a Comedy nomination category. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was hilarious as ever in Veep this year, Lily Tomlin explored humorous new depths with Grace and Frankie, and any love for the poignant-yet-hysterical black-ish- especially for leading lady Tracee Ellis Ross- is commendable. Am I wishing Constance Wu from Fresh Off the Boat was also on this list? Totally, but I'll take what Emmy has graciously given.
  • Blessing/Affliction: What's that Harry Potter quote? "Neither can live while the other survives." It might be a tad dramatic for a TV awards show, but I feel like that's the supremely theatrical reaction Jacqueline Voorhes would have to see her portrayer, Jane Krakowski, not nominated for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's amazing second season. However, Ellie Kemper is finally given the recognition she deserves for her work- and personally, I'm rooting for Kemper to win Best Actress in a Comedy. But why couldn't we just get both lovely ladies on this list at the same time? Truly dramatic indeed...
  • Affliction: My first post on this blog, and my first major disappointment of the Emmy noms. No love for Orange is the New Black? Not a single nomination for any major category? I'm unsure if this year's nominations cover season 3 or season 4 of OITNB, but if season 4 was overlooked for Emmy love, then you might as well send me to Shu because I would rather be in a grimy, terrifying cell than be in a world where Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, and the entire show is left without Emmy recognition.
  • Affliction: More than Orange is the New Black's erroneous snubs, or Kimmy Schmidt's saddening switcheroo, the affliction that hurts me the most is Bates Motel's nonexistence on the nomination list. What began as a brooding, slightly-boring drama filled with bizarre and conflicted characters came to it's epic climax this season and deserves nothing but praise. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, especially, deserve statues for their insane skills in the penultimate season of a show that has evolved from a gothy look at a creepy mother-son relationship into a riveting, terrifying, and heartbreaking drama.
This year's nominations are arguably the most surprising in recent years, and for someone like me who has a wide and diverse range of favorite TV shows, that makes this the most exciting Emmy's in a long time. However, no nomination list is ever perfect, and we will have to patch our Bates Motel and OITNB-shaped wounds. But with love for The Americansblack-ish, Tatiana Maslany, and Bloodline, those wounds don't hurt so bad.

Which shows are you happy to see on this year's list? What snubs irked you the most? Comment below your opinions on the nominations, and check out the Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC, September 18!


  1. I'm just going to assume that you overlooked RuPaul's nomination as Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program.

    1. Notice I only highlight scripted programs; reality TV is not something I cover on this blog.

  2. oh "reality" TV is plenty scripted. But I get what you mean.